Web Rhetoric: Internet Users Respond to Constance McMillen

Facebook Image #1: Will God judge me for loving…

April 15th, 2010 · No Comments

If you browse the “Constance quit yer cryin” Facebook fan page, you see a number of images alluding to Christ. Much of the opposition to gay rights is argued on moral and religious grounds, and defenders often respond along the same themes. I added this image as an example. Clearly, it is a critique of the parents, officials, and students in opposition to Constance’s attempts to attend her senior prom, dressed in a tux and with her girlfriend in tow. 

The breakdown is this: The rainbow flag waving in the background image is emblematic of the LGBTQ movement.  The image of a man on the left is a pictorial representation of Christ, who is drawn with soft features and omniscient eyes that gaze into the distance.  The font is legible but bold and messy, suggesting creativity and youth, which speaks to the Facebook demographic.  The depicted question, when applied to this case, is clearly meant to suggest that those who support Constance are people who “love”; whereas, those who do not support Constance—and are, consequently, against gay rights—are people who “hate.”  This image is a moral argument and religious argument, splitting people into two distinct groups:  the good and loving supporters who will be favored by God, and the hateful non-supporters who will consequently be damned by Him.

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